Frequently asked questions

So what is a csa?

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is where shareholders are part of our farming community. You will be a dedicated shareholder for 6 weeks during our season where you will take on shared risk but also shared reward during times of bounty. As a farm we have no control over the weather but we will do out best to manage all weather conditions to provide you with stunning blooms each and every week during our season. If you are signed up for the CSA to be picked up in Winnetka we will provide you with hours in which to pick up your flower bouquets. If you (or a representative) are unable to make it to the hours we will donate your bouquet to a local care facility.

Can you deliver my flowers?

Yes we can deliver your flower CSA share for an additional $5 per week for delivery within Glencoe, Kenilworth or Winnetka. Contact us for more details.

Will you sell dahlia tubers?

We will likely sell dahlia tubers in Spring 2022. We will not sell any tubers that are not meticulously divided, stored and taken care of. We will also not sell tubers until we can tell that there is a viable eye. More details on a possible tuber sale to come later. Please subscribe to our emails to be the first to hear about possible dahlia tuber sales.

Are you selling flowers to florists or floral designers?

The short answer is yes. Please send an email to to be added to our flower availability/pricing list sent out once a week on Mondays for Thursday/Friday deliveries.

Are you selling to brides for weddings?

Yes we will sell bulk buckets for DIY weddings and parties. We will determine availability one week from pick up. We will know more in August when our dahlias start blooming. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.